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Bloom Bak By Kelley

Spreading natural beauty through handmade products, while paving the way for a zero waste event industry.

What started as Kelley's senior class project in a College of Charleston classroom has now grown into its very own unique business. Bloom Bak aims to prevent wedding and event waste by collecting the flowers that would have been thrown out after the event and using them to make handmade products. The happiest of memories are forever memorialized while natures beauty continues to live on.

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Kelley Travers

Kelley is a Massachusetts native that traveled to Charleston, SC to pursue her degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management at The College of Charleston. Growing up working at a popular wedding resort in Cape Cod Kelley saw the large amount of waste each and every wedding produced. She often wondered if there was a way to reduce this waste through a fun and creative solution. During her Senior year she was given the opportunity to test this solution and create a business in one of her classes. This is where Bloom Bak was born and with the support and belief of others Kelley has been able to establish her brand and work toward a waste-free future.

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